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Time In The Project Ciliwung River Tunnel To East Canal Flood After Amandement Iii Decided About Co

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iliwung river always flooded in some segments, especially at cawang segment until Manggarai spillway due to changes in land use and poor drainage systems that do river normalization and decided to create a diversion tunnel. Implementation of this project has been delayed which causes lost in time and cost, it was necessary made to analysis of developing and controlling of time and cost to buildCiliwung tunnel project.

Research conducted by the author to take primary data real condition project, settlement project and secondary data of progress project (weekly report, monthly report and cost). The next method to complete this thesis by author was analysis project implementation and make some alternative acceleration of project implementation.

The result of this project analysis during 20th month had delayed. The 5th month early this project work to plan, but on the 12th until 20th month had delayed and overloaded cost. After analyzing for 20th month, so doing reschedule to finish this project. From the rescheduling result found normal cost Rp 202.390.344.825 for 28 month. In this research the writer made seven schedule alternative accelerate time’s implementation. From seven schedule alternative would choose efficient alternative. The efficient alternative was seven’s alternative, that get limit cost Rp 34.905.864.074, from the detail was fine Rp 30.358..551.724, Overhead cost Rp 602.700.000, Interestbank Rp 8.601.589.655, dan total crash cost Rp276.859.050.278. The reason was used this alternative that limited labor, heavy equipment, cost overhead, fine, interest bank, job package, and the time.

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